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Sandro Michelmann

In his role as an analyst at Vireo Ventures, Sandro is committed to shaping a sustainable European energy system in an efficient and intelligent way.

Having started at Vireo in the beginning of 2023, he is always on the lookout for potential as he seeks to find great companies in our pillars of energy, mobility, industry and building applications - looking for the needle in a haystack, i.e. the very best founders in our field across Europe.

His time studying Philosophy at the University of Potsdam and later Digital Business at XU Exponential University gave him the analytical and critical thinking skills to approach businesses and new products with an open and curious mindset.


Over the past few years, he has worked in various roles in the real estate sector and with digital healthcare products. With a passion for technology, space exploration and the principles of perseverance and patience, he always strives for the best result in the matters he's involved with.

  • LinkedIn - Weiß, Kreis,
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