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In accordance with EU directives and German Law, Vireo Ventures has implemented procedures for the transmission of information on potential infringements of laws and regulations. This is aimed at, inter alia, investors, portfolio companies, business partners, and employees of Vireo Ventures Management GmbH and its affiliated companies.


Persons who would like to report possible cases of violations with regards to antitrust and capital market laws, fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, human rights violations, corruption, insider trading rules, data protection laws or other violations can do so by use of either of the following two channels:


Leave a voice message on our dedicated whistleblower message bank by calling: +49 (0)30 65 86 88 70


or send an email to:


These channels are solely for the purpose stated above. They are not intended for any other messaging such as investor, funding or general business enquiries. Such enquiries will not be considered. 

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