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Intelligent fleet electrification planning, operation and reporting

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The Problem

Unlike diesel-powered buses and trucks, where extensive institutional knowledge and experience guide operational and capital efficiency, battery-powered vehicles introduce a completely new operating paradigm. This shift impacts all aspects of business operations, including capital planning, facility management, procurement, vehicle operations, electricity supply, and maintenance. As battery electric vehicle operations scale, these factors become increasingly complex and critical.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, ZeroMission created the ZeroMission Operations Platform, an integrated, single-login monitoring solution for battery electric vehicle fleet management. This platform consolidates essential EV data, including OEM telematics, scheduling, dispatch, driver profiles, charging management, energy supply, utility connection, maintenance, onsite generation, and battery storage.

Their solution centralizes all EV operation data, enabling real-time performance monitoring with intuitive, color-coded alerts and AI-driven decision support tools. When an issue arises, such as a charging station fault affecting a vehicle's scheduled route, the platform not only alerts users but also provides actionable guidance for resolution. This ensures vehicles remain operational, offering customers a robust, informed environment for managing and scaling electric vehicle fleets.

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Why we invested

Electric buses and trucks are expected to grow exponentially in Europe, Latin America and the US by 2030. This growth is being driven by environmental concerns, supportive government policies and significant technological advances. ZeroMission is strategically positioned to capitalise on this trend by offering a robust solution that addresses the key challenges of operating electric fleets.

ZeroMission's platform is characterised by its open, vendor-neutral and interoperable design. This approach enables seamless integration without the constraints of vendor lock-in, both in terms of charging infrastructure and vehicles. 

As fleet operators are expected to manage mixed fleets in the coming years, ZeroMission's platform is designed to accommodate this diversity, enabling operators to effectively manage and optimise their fleets.

Our investment in ZeroMission is in line with our commitment to sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. We are confident that ZeroMission will play a key role in the global transition to electric vehicles, delivering significant environmental benefits and operational efficiencies.

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