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Green Fusion

AI-enabled heating management software for complex and hybrid heating systems in residential buildings, increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

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The Problem

Heating in residential real estate is a major contributor to CO2 emissions, still mainly relying on fossil energy sources. With climate targets and energy costs rising significantly, society must find ways to use energy for heating more efficiently and replace or combine existing fossil heating systems with renewable solutions. Property owners, in particular, are facing massive challenges to make buildings more energy efficient, fueled by the introduction of a CO2 tax and ESG requirements.

The Solution

Green Fusion has developed AI-driven software that automatically makes conventional heating systems such as gas boilers more efficient. Most of these systems still operate in factory default mode and have never been touched to be manually optimized.


The Green Fusion cloud software also optimizes hybrid systems, i.e. systems that use several heat sources in parallel (e.g. gas boiler together with heat pump and/or solar thermal). Such hybrid systems will become increasingly common in buildings that are being renovated or newly built.

Modernes Mehrfamilienhaus mit Bäumen
Why we invested

Green Fusion's technological advantage lies in its ability to optimize coupled heating and energy systems while being hardware-agnostic. In order to meet ESG targets, there is a strong demand from property owners to implement energy efficiency measures and/or switch to renewable systems to reduce emissions as well as costs. In Germany alone, there is a huge market of 3.2 million multi-family homes waiting to be addressed by the company. Green Fusion is led by an outstanding team with deep domain expertise that has attracted high-profile investors and clients.

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