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Software solution for the hydrogen economy to trace carbon content and certify the decarbonization of supply chains.

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The Problem

The green hydrogen market is arguably the next energy revolution, similar to the renewable energy revolution 20 years ago.  

The single biggest enabler and bottleneck in building the green hydrogen industry (and later other low carbon products) is the verification of hydrogen or other products as green, i.e. ensuring that the CO2 content is below a defined threshold for the entire value chain from the energy used to produce the hydrogen, the carriers used to transport the hydrogen, and any further processing or blending at the point of use. 


There is currently no solution for this.

The Solution

atmen's IoT and SaaS platform solves this problem by enabling energy-intensive goods manufacturers to easily digitise, automate and streamline the certification process.
This helps industrial players to earn money from green premiums, save costs and resources through process efficiency, and gain trust and reputation from these certificates.

The company's IoT and software solution not only provides full transparency and quantification of carbon emissions along the value chain, but also provides government-approved certification across different schemes and countries.

Furthermore, once established in the green hydrogen economy, it will be rolled out to other industries with potential low carbon products.

Why we invested

The green hydrogen economy is the next big thing. It needs certification to get started.

However, certification is more of a "licence to operate" than a "strategic product differentiator" in itself, so the appetite for outsourcing is high.
This offers a unique opportunity to become the industry standard and the first mover in this highly networked hydrogen economy.

And in a second step, the technology can be transferred to adjacent markets: low carbon fuels, low carbon gases, low carbon chemicals, low carbon goods, green CO2, energy intensive goods (steel, cement, fertilisers, aluminium & other EU ETS impacted goods).

And we believe atmen, its team and its solution will do just that.

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